Tsingy de Bemaraha

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Dec 30, 2011 01:30 T
Tsingy is a nature reserve located in Mahajanga, Madagascar. Its geology is unique, with a massive and well preserved jungle of mangroves (mangroves are various kinds of trees that grow in the subtropics) It was considered World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1990.
Among the rich fauna that Tsingy have, lemurs, birds and chameleons are the protagonists.
The zone is famous for the "tsingys", sharp limestones that could cause serious injury to any unaware visitor.
Tsingys have been created because of the rain which dissolves the top of the stones. It's really dangerous and often impossible to transit among the tsingys. The agile lemurs are the only ones able to do it safely.

In Mahajanga "Tsingy" means "where you can't walk barefoot"
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