I'm tired

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Feb 26, 2012 00:57
Who here has been making it since the beginning of the semester on under six hours a night? >.< I get up at 6:00am everyday.I finished school at 6:00pm and arrived home at 6:30pm.I have to spend 5 hours to do my homework.When I finish my homework it is almost 12:00 pm.I hardly have my own time even my sleep time I think it's not enough for me.When one is adolescent,one is often fall asleep.
There is a saying:"Getting enough sleep,you can grow very high." HaHa…………Whether it true or not,but I need to ensure get adequate sleep. In the week,I just have one morning to sleep.On saturday, my school still required student to study at school all the day.As we all know, Chinses school always occupied students'a plenty of time.They are particular about proportion of students entering schools of a higher grade. That is to say, students bear on their shoulders overwhelming homework despite the country 's campaign for quality education . Homework stresses out students , and it also puts a strain on families .
I just want to sleep.Please,give some time and have some rest.There has been too much pressure put on me.
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