Life Isn’t Necessarily Nasty.

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Jan 4, 2015 19:20
On New Year’s day in 2015, my two daughters and I went to Kotobukicyo to serve foods for homeless people, day workers or retired elderly people who live in that town. Around 9 am, 20 to 30 volunteers gathered at the park located in the middle of the town, and started to cut vegetables into small cubes to make a Japanese New Year’s dish, Zoni. Zoni is a traditional soup dish containing rice cake, vegetables or meat, and people put different ingredients from regions to regions.

It was freezing cold on that day, but quite a number of people started to stand in line in the early afternoon. Because of the long queue, I didn’t even know where the last person was standing. To my great joy, I was able to see some of my good old foreign friends there. They were a Pilipino missionary, her husband and her children, a Singaporean friend and her daughter.

While serving foods all together, I had a mixed feelings. First of all, I felt very sorry for the people who had to wait for so long to get just a cup of soup. I was angry at the Japanese government that helps to increase the gap between rich and poor. It’s odd to say this but, honestly, I was happy to see those who came to do something for others on such a snowy day. I just thought that life isn’t necessarily nasty.