Is There a Little Truth in Every Joke?

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Nov 27, 2013 20:14
The day before yesterday, I posted an article about "Group activities" that is one of Japanese characteristics. That topic reminds me of a well known joke of ethnicity. I wrote the Japanese texts based on wikipedia and translated it into English.

"A luxury liner carrying many multinational passengers was on the verge of sinking.
What will you say to them if you want them to dive into the sea?
To British people: If you were a gentleman, you would dive.
To American people: If you dived, you would be a hero.
To Italian people: There are some beautiful women swimming in the sea.
To German people: This is a rule.
To Japanese people: Everyone does the same.

I know all of these are stereotypical images, but in retrospect, when I made some decisions, there were times I asked someone, "How about other people?" Obviously, in those days, I did paid attention to other people's movements. It might be true that there's a little truth in every joke. What do you think about that?



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