11 Things That Can Reduce My Stress

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Sep 10, 2013 15:42
All of us need to cope with stress. Of course, there's good stress, but too much stress may cause one's physical or mental disorders. How do you reduce your stress on a daily basis? Today I made a list of 11 things that I usually do to make me feel good.

1. Opening the curtain and see the sun soon after getting out of bed(Seeing clouds in the sky if it rains)
2. Having good flavored tea or coffee in the morning
3. Watering the flowers and plants
4. Communicating with my close friends and Lang-8 friends by mail
5. Eating a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables
6. Buying some vivid color flowers ( especially, when I feel down.)
7. Enjoying the aroma of essential oil in my room
8. Meditating for a while lying on my bed
9. Taking a bath for 15 to 20 minutes
10. Doing some stretch while breathing a long breath ( after taking a bath)
11. Listening to music that can maintain your equilibrium

These really works for me!
I bet making your own list help you lift your feelings. Hope you can reduce your stress. ^^


1 起きたらすぐにカーテンを開けて太陽を見る(雨が降っていたら、雲を見る)
2 朝、良い香りの紅茶やコーヒーを飲む
3 花や植物に水をやる
4 親しい友人、lang-8の友人とメールで会話をする
5 季節の果物や野菜をたくさん食べる
6 鮮やかな色の花を買う(特に気持ちが沈んでいる時)
7 自分の部屋でエッセンシャルオイルの香りを楽しむ
8 ベッドに寝ながらしばらく瞑想をする
9 15分か20分バスタブに浸かる
10 深い呼吸をしながらストレッチをする(入浴後)
11 心が安らかになる音楽を聴く

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