Watching Clouds May Increase Your Right Brain Activity

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Nov 15, 2013 17:07
I like seeing clouds. Especially, it's fun to see weird shaped clouds that look like animals or people. When I saw Angel's ladder in the sky long ago, I screamed "Awesome!" without even thinking, I think the scenery in which the sunlight struck through the clouds is one of the most beautiful phenomena of nature. It was very impressive.  

I recently found on the Net that there is a unique group of people called "Cloud Appreciation Society." Yesterday, I visited it's homepage and saw many beautiful and funny pictures posted by the society member's all over the world. You'll be refreshed and smile if you see those unfamiliar shapes of clouds. When you are stuck with your work, or feel depressed, why don't you stop tapping the keyboard and look at the sky? Seeing clouds will probably increase your right brain activity, so you may have a good idea!

最近、私はネットでユニークな人たちの集まり『Cloud Appreciation Society』のことを知りました。昨日そのホームページで、世界中のメンバーが投稿した美しくて面白い雲の写真をたくさん見ました。あなたも、それらの見慣れない形の雲の写真を見たら、気分転換になって笑みがこぼれると思います。仕事に行き詰まったり、気分が落ち込んだ時は、キーボードを叩くのをやめて空を見上げてはいかがでしょう?雲を見れば右脳が刺激されていい考えが浮かぶかもしれませんよ。