Enjoying Time with Friends Helps One Adjust to New Surroundings

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Nov 1, 2013 17:08
A friend of mine, who stayed in the US for two years, told me about his difficulties when he went to America for the first time. He arrived there in April and became a little down in the dumps because so many things were strange to him. He said he tried hard to adapt himself to the new environment, but the more he struggled, the more he became homesick. At last, he wasn't able to enjoy himself at all for many months.

Time passed and it was fall. When he saw beautifully decorated show windows with Halloween ornaments, he said his spirits a little rose. And a month later, when he was invited by his American friends on Thanksgiving Day, he enjoyed himself having a conversation over wine, beer and delicious meals. In December, while he was with his friends and his family, he reached a peak of excitement, so around that time, he said he didn't want to leave America.

He is a simple minded person, and I thought he should have arrived in the US in fall to avoid becoming homesick. Now, it's November. Thanksgiving is coming soon. Do you feel good around this time of the year?