Excessive Announcements May Spoil the Passengers' Moods

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Nov 18, 2013 22:02
Whenever you get on a train or a subway in Japan, you probably hear following announcements. "We will soon arrive at 〜." "The doors on the right/ left side will open." "Please change here for the 〜line." "Watch your step when you leave the train." "There are priority seats reserved for elderly and handicapped passengers, expecting mothers, and passengers accompanying small children. Please offer your seat to them." I heard such contents of the announcements are the demands from customers. They make a complain about their inconvenience to a railroad company, so, as a result, such announcements are made regularly.

The other day, the train I was waiting for was late only for a few minutes. I didn't care at all, but I heard the conductor saying, "Owing to a personal injury accident, this train is five minute delay. We are deeply sorry for troubling you." when it stopped at each station. While hearing it , I said to myself, "Five minutes delay wasn't a big deal!!" I'm sometimes bothered such excessive announcements.
日本で電車や地下鉄に乗ると、おそらく以下のような車内アナウンスを聞くと思います。「間もなく〜駅に到着します。」「右側 / 左側のドアが開きます。」「ここから〜線にお乗り換え下さい。」「電車を降りる時は足下にご注意下さい。」「お年寄り、体の不自由な人、妊婦、又は小さいお子さんをお連れの方のため優先席が用意されています。どうぞその方に席を譲ってください。」このようなアナウンスの内容は、乗客からの要望だということを聞いたことがある。彼らが苦情を鉄道会社に言うので、結果として、そのような放送が流されるらしい。