Give vs. Get

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Mar 4, 2014 00:08
In my previous post, I talked about the most frequently used English words, "get." Since that time, I've been thinking about Rick Warren's message on Ted Talk.

In his talk, "A Life of Purpose," he severely criticized modern materialism. He said people tend to focus on getting something all the time, and as a result, they are tormented by spiritual emptiness. I thought what he said was right, since there is no limit to desire.

I was stunned to know that he and his wife donate 90% of their income to their organizations that help people in need. In short, I think people who can give something are happier than those who eager to possess. It is said he is acclaimed to be the most influential spiritual leader in the world.
前回の投稿で、私は最も頻繁に使われる英単語「get」について書いた。その時以来、私はリック ウォーレン氏がTEDトークで話したメッセージのことを考えている。

彼のプレゼンテーション「A Life of Purpose」の中で彼は現代の物質主義を痛烈に批判した。人々は何かを得ることばかり常に考え、その結果、心の虚無に苛まれていると言っていた。欲望には際限がないので彼の言っていることは真実のような気がする。