You Shouldn't Ask A Woman's Age Without A Good Reason

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Nov 11, 2013 17:37
I traveled to Korea last week and I had an opportunity to talk with a male foreign traveler on a bus. We enjoyed having a casual conversation since he said he's also an English teacher. While we were chatting, he abruptly asked my age. Honestly, I was a little taken aback and felt bad since I didn't know why he asked that question. Secondly, I stay in my early 20s mentally, but I was forced to return to the actual world by his question. Not only myself, but most women probably don't like to be asked their ages.

I immediately said to him, "I'll leave it to your imagination" and he said, "Are you around 28?" Since I'm ever so much more than 40, I felt a little guilty, but I answered, "Ahhh…kind of." Actually, when I heard him saying that number, I was on cloud 9, and later I couldn't help but saying this to some of my friends. Here's an advice to you. You shouldn't ask women's ages without cause! lol