Japanese-English Words 2 (和製英語 2)

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Nov 5, 2012 18:35
As you may know, there are many strange Japanese-English words in Japan. Today I'd like to introduce some of them related to foodstuff.

"Shiichikin (sea chicken)", which is very popular food in Japan, is a brand name of canned tuna in edible oil. I guess the Japanese food company named it that way since tuna is low-fatty and rich in protein just like chicken. It's a very funny name, isn't it?

A piece of strawberry sponge cake is called "short cake", and a pan cake is called "hot cake". Japanese people call "cream puff" "syuukuriimu", which derives from the French word, "chou a la creme". It sounds just like shoe cream, so we sometimes make a funny joke using it.



”A piece of strawberry sponge cake” は「ショートケーキ」、
"pan cake" は「ホットケーキ」、"cream puff" は「シュークリーム」と言います。
シュークリームは、元々フランス語の"chou a la creme"から来ています。
"shoe cream" と発音が似ているのでたまにジョークとして使われたりします。