I Won't Bore You, Guys!

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Apr 5, 2014 22:45
There are some old sayings that relates to "time." "Time is money." "Time flies like an arrow." "Time and tide wait for no man." The perception of time varies from person to person.

When you are focus on something, time usually passes quickly. On the other hand, when you do something you hate, time goes very slowly as if it stopped for a while.
Shakespeare expressed it precisely in his book, "As You Like It" :"Time diverse paces with diverse persons."  

A new school year stared this month. On my first English class, I'd like to ask my students whether my English class passes quickly or slowly, since that's a barometer whether they enjoy or not. Yawning, chatting or sleeping are signs that they are bored. Well…I'll proclaim right here right now "I won't bore you, guys! " But I still don't know how...
時間に関する諺がいくつかあります。「時は金なり」「光陰矢の如し」「歳月人を待たず」 時間の認識は個人によって異なります。

「お気に召すまま」という本の中でシェークスピアは、簡潔にその事を言い表しています。"Time diverse paces with diverse persons."