It's Going Too Far.

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Jul 31, 2012 22:33
The other day, one of my acquaintances called her son, "馬鹿息子" (bakamusuko), while we had a casual conversation. That four-letter Kanji literally means "a stupid son".

Honestly, I was surprised and sad to hear that, since I knew that she loved her son. Obviously, she talked in a modest manner. Here in Japan, if you boasted your child, Japanese people would call you
"親バカ"(oyabaka), that means "a stupid parent".

As for me, I've never called my daughters that way behind their back. I just felt sorry for her son. If I were him, I would definitely feel bad about it. In my opinion, Japanese modesty is sometimes going too far.
”a stupid son” を意味する。

”a stupid parent” という意味だ。

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