Traditional Japanese Arts

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Jul 9, 2012 17:07
When I was in my 20s, I learned "茶道" (Tea ceremony) and "華道" (Flower arrangement). Several years ago, I started to practice "書道" (Calligraphy) from a calligraphy master who is one of my acquaintances.

There are some traditional Japanese arts such as "柔道"(Judo), "剣道"(Fencing), "合気道"(Aikido)", "茶道"(Sadou), "華道"(Kadou), and you can see a chinese character "道" in them, that literally means "the way".

A few weeks ago, I asked my calligraphy teacher what "道" means. She answered, "It must be an endless way, and I'm still on the way to the top."

While I heard her saying, I thought that that was the quintessence of Japanese arts. Whatever you do, you are always required self-discipline. They are seeking not only technical skills, but also constant high mentality.

日本には、「柔道」「剣道」「合気道」「茶道」「華道」といった伝統芸術があり、どれも「道」という漢字が使われている。「道」の意味は「the way」と訳される。