Lucky or Unlucky

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Jul 2, 2012 16:41
Since I've been working as a treasurer of a local community council, I went to a town office to submit a few documents to receive a subsidy. A municipal officer found some minor errors in the balanced sheets for the last couple of years, and asked me to correct them even though they were not my mistakes.

I asked her, "They are not my fault, and why should I do that?"
She answered, "You are right, but somebody has to do it. All I can say is that you are unlucky."

On the way back, I started to think that I'm lucky instead of I'm unlucky, because she gave me a brand new accounting software, so I can learn a new thing. On top of that, it would be easier for a treasurer who will be in charge next year if I adopted a new system.

If you can't change your situation, you should accept it anyhow and it would be far better to think that you are lucky. If you did that way, you could reduce your stress.

Don't you think so?