Would You Tell Me the Difference Between "Enjoy" and "Have a good time"?

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May 7, 2012 14:36
One of my Lang-8 friends introduced me a useful site for Japanese learners who study English. The topic I saw was "Native speakers don't use the word, "enjoy" so much. The following sentences are quoted from that site.

Mika is enjoying skiing in Nagano. → Mika is having a good time skiing in Nagano.
Mika enjoys going skiing in Nagano. → Mika likes to go skiing in Nagano.

I remember that Freddie Mercury was also singing, "I'm having a good time" by Queen's "Don't stop me now". When you say, "I'm having a good time", you don't need to put the object after the verb. That might be the reason when they set the words to music.

Actually, I've never learned the difference between "enjoy" and "have a good time" when I was a student. Is a word, "enjoy" old-fashioned? Is using a word, "enjoy" pretentious?

It's true that Japanese people often use this word when they talk to foreign people. I'd like to ask Native speakers. How do you feel when you hear Japanese friend of yours saying, "Enjoy your meal" or "Enjoy your holiday"?

Do you feel good about it?