Fast Food vs. Slow Food

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Apr 20, 2012 16:59
Nowadays fast food restaurants are everywhere in the world. At the same time, I've heard about growing movement called slow food. I got a piece of information about slow food on the Net. "Slow food is an international movement which came into being Paris in 1989. Its head office is in the north of Italy. Its movement organizes food and wine events, raise the profile of products, promotes local artisans and wine cellars."

In a word, fast food is convenient. You can take it out and eat everywhere. Cups and containers are disposable, so after finishing a meal, you just throw them away. They serve the same menu quickly at a low price because what they do is reheating frozen food that manufactured in a factory. Fast food is the most processed food with many calories and lots of chemical additives.

Whereas, when you cook something from scratch, it takes time but you can choose food stuff carefully that is nutritious, seasonal and preferably organic. You cook and serve as you like. In this process, you come to know what you eat and what is the well balanced diet for your health. On top of that, you become more aware of the natural flavor, natural color and rich taste of the food.

I hope that slow food movement will spread everywhere in the world because it's crucial for people's health. Actually I haven't eaten fast food for many years and I definitely vote for slow food.
How about you?
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