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Apr 2, 2012 11:36
I've been teaching elementary and junior high school students for many years, and a last couple of years I've noticed that children have been more cautious about telling themselves and their family. I don't remember exactly when but they started to say that "I don't want to say that because that includes personal information".

Actually the lower graders seldom say that but sometimes they play words using those terms. On the other hand, the upper graders are rather serious about it and they try not to reveal their personal stuff. Obviously, their statements and behaviors are influenced by adults both at home and at school. Also, it is true that Japanese whole society has become very nervous about protecting people's privacy and personal information.

When my daughters were in an elementary school, we used to get a telephone-tree-sheet. All classmates' phone numbers were written in a sheet and parents could make phone calls whenever we need. We were comfortable to have such a sheet because we knew that nobody made bad use of it at that time.

Nowadays parents have to teach their children not to trust other people and protect their privacy. It seems for me that the more people protect themselves, the more people become isolated and lose a sense of community. Isn't it sad?