Driving a Kawaii Car with Stars in My Eyes

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Nov 20, 2013 23:30
Nowadays, the term "Kawaii" is frequently used by a wide age range of Japanese women. It is a synonym of pretty, lovely, sweet, or adorable, but it can be used for both a human being and a thing. Because of manga culture or character products, like "Hello Kitty," or "Kumamon" (a black bear mascot born in Kumamoto prefecture ) "Kawaii" has become a popular word in many foreign countries, too.

As for me, when I buy things such as clothes, shoes or bags, I always choose kawaii products. In my case, "kawaii" means;
1) fashionable
2) a design that I never get tired of
3) a product that make me feel happy
4) my mind will be soothed if I use it.
See? Each one of us has a different meaning of kawaii.

I recently learned Japanese automobile makers, which markets to women, started producing "kawaii cars." I like to drive with stars in my eyes. As you already know, men rarely use that word.
「可愛い」という日本語は、幅広い年齢層の日本人女性によって頻繁に使われています。「可愛い」の英語の同意語は、pretty, lovely, sweet, adorableなどですが、人にも物にも使える言葉です。マンガやキャラクター製品、「ハローキティ」や「クマモン(熊本県生まれの黒いクマのマスコット)」などの影響で海外でも「かわいい」という言葉はよく使われるようになりました。


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