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Sep 26, 2012 22:36 dream
I always forget every dream soon after I wake up so I have to write down the dream I have today before it fades out .

I get hurt and the medic told me a doctor in Arctic can help me so she bids a killer whale to take me to Arctic.

Then I ride a whale and take a long trek to Arctic, and along the way there are many sharks swimming around me.

In the end, the killer whale escorted me home and it happily swam in a gigantic fish tank.

No sooner do I show my appreciation than I get up.

In the dream, every thing was so vivid that I was not able to tell the truth and imagination.

Chinese think that every dream bodes something to us.

I don't know what does dreaming of a killer whale bode but I really hope I could continue this dream tonight.
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