Painted Skin

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Mar 10, 2009 02:19 movie
I saw a movie named "Painted Skin" recently.

The plot is adapted from a famous Chinese ghost story,which tells about a demon who eats human's heart to keep her body youthful

It was not until she found a general that she began to try to understand what is the true significance of love.

This movie makes me consider over and over again because I feel the fox demon in the movie is pretty poor.

And I think that the demon's emotion to love is literally similar to a real person, because she will jealous 、 hate、grudge and possess

The other characters in this movie seem to be too selfless to believe

And I also want to introduce a actor,Donnie Yen,who is a gongfu master to everyone who has interests in martial art

Donnie Yen is really a cool,handsome,action movie actor!