Fate? I don't trust it.

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Mar 20, 2012 10:38
In fact, I don’t believe fate. I think we can control our life, be what we want to be through our fight .Nothing is doomed. No one can just stay there, do nothing and be successful. Every famous, rich people gains successful in return of they struggle. Isaac Newton found the Law of universal gravitation because a apple fall on his head, some people said that his fate, but I think he can’t did that without thinking a lot and just depend on a fatal apple. The harder you work, the bigger chances to win you have. That’s what I believe. No body knows what will happen tomorrow. If everything is already doomed, so what are we fighting for? There are always many bad things taking place on you, that’s unfortunately. When they happen I will think what I can do to avoid it last time or what I did is not good enough rather than just stays there and blames it on fate. I won’t against someone else who believes fate but I will retention of view. Our life is depend on ourselves but isn’t on fate. We can control ourselves but isn’t fate. What I’m doing today decide what will happen tomorrow that’s the law in the world.
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