How do I release my stress?

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Mar 8, 2012 14:04
Sometimes I can feel much stress in my life. Through my rise and fall, there are always many difficulties and challenge that I must face.
There are two kinds of stress in my life. One is the stress can make me fell bad, sad or sick. Another kind of stress is that can make me worry or fell pressure before a hard challenge.
To the first kind of stress, I have many ways to release it. First I can release it through singing a song. I can sing out depression. Second, I like listening to the music all the time, when I feel sad, I’ll choose some music that has very strong beats and dance with it until I feel tired. It’s a useful way for me to release. The last, telling my friends the things that make me sad is also a good way to release.
To the second kind of stress which make me feel worry, I have two ways to release. One is drink water; drinking much water very often can make me clam down. Another way is talking to me in mirror. That a good way to regulate my emotion and make me feel courage to face the challenge.
Over all, that’s how I release my stress. I think having some good ways to release the stress could be useful in the daily life.