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Feb 28, 2012 10:29
 Recently I’m worry about the Toefl Test and the Toefl class in XinDongFang. In my plan I’ll take this test this summer; therefore I’m going to have Toefl class in XinDongFang. By the time I went to XinDongFang to get some information about their class. They told me that I must finish all the learning of the vocabulary of Toefl before their class and their class will begin in March.
The reason why I worry about them is I found that the vocabulary of Toefl is very difficult, and I have to learn them all before 15th March. It’s a hard work. On the other hand, I only have less than 4 month to study before I have the test. It’s not very spare; I’ve no time to waste.
Although it is a hardly challenge, I won’t fear. I do worry about that, but I’ll try my best and hard working all the time. Where is a will, there is a way, I believe I can make it I’m using my rest time to learn the words and read some book about Toefl. In my class at school, there’re also many students which are studying Toefl. I can study with them together and help each other.
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