thank you ;))

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Jan 28, 2012 04:47
i became interested in learning English language since I was in Primary school. I was one of the top student in my school but English was always being a big problem to me. Every examination, I always got the lowest mark in English.
Realized that I should took an action to improve my English, I asked my mom to got me a tuition.
then, my mom asked help from her best friend. Every Sunday, my best friend and I would cycle to our English teacher's house.
Honestly, she is a great teacher. She taught us patiently and always supported us to ensure we were understand the lesson.
It was my first step learning English seriously. Praised to God as after the class, I my English is always improved.
But then, I know, I have to learn more and more to success. I couldn't stop learning as this world have lots of things to be explored.

special thanks to mom, for supporting me to always improved myself.
and also, for all teachers and friends, millo0n thank to all of you.
without your help and commitment, surely, it is hard to me to cope in everything that i'd learnt.
i owe you big :))