The humanists

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May 12, 2012 06:14
Almost everything on my list was done... Remain two entries. I've written one today yet.

I don't know how is in your country, but recently in Poland I noticed the large hatch of the humanists. Such person isn't humanist, but is only the freaking ignoramus.

If you in group (There I want to use word similar to Polish "towarzystwo", generally I mean a group of people) say that you're humanist you in a certain sense have acquiescence for ignorance. If you haven't aptitude for mathematics, it at all doesn't means that you're humanist. With the mathematics skills is the same as all other skills. I think all people have the same intellectual potential. Everything depends on the hardworking and attitude. You know what? If you claim that you aren't mathematically gifted, you probably are an idiot. Certainly you had very weak teacher.

Maths, who cares?
Ok, I don't like maths (I prefer learn English ;) or History), but I don't claim that I am humanist. Maths in school of course could be boring (I know that I often grumble on school), but this subject isn't only silly exercises. Maths could develop your mind. I think generally about the brain development. If you are use your brain more often, later you easier to accept the knowledge. Brain won't rust ;)