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May 30, 2012 17:28
1.How often do you listen to music? When do you listen to music most often?
I used to listen music when I was young. I enjoyed listening music and singing songs.
I used to buy CD player sometimes at music store when new sings come out.
But I rarely listen music. I want to listen more music as like past time.
I have a CD that I sang songs by my own . it was very exiting work and so much hard to do something. I always thought do something for my life at that time.
It contains 14 songs , for example Billion Rose. The women out side widow. Hangyeraeng.

2. What kind of music do you like listening to? What kind of music do you dislike?
I love to listen music Korean traditional music or popular song.
I dislike rap song because it’s very fast I can’t follow that rhythm and can’t understand.

3. What are the pros and cons of listening to music on a cell phone or an MP3 player?
It comes in handy when I’m listening music .
I used to carry around my mp3 everywhere.
MP3 player was all the rage for a while. But they were disappeared.
I kept that in my draw case , I don’t use mp3 any more.

1. How often do you cook? What food do you like to cook?
My wife always cooks. I don’t cook ever.
I cook infrequently when my wife go to see her parent’s home.
2. what was your favorite among the dishes your mother made you?
Unhappily my mom has gone.
My favorite dish is Galbizim that my wife made.
3. Have you ever been to cooking classes? If not, have you ever watched a cooking show on TV?
I don’t remember well watching a cooking show on TV. I’ve heard a cooking show on radio.

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