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May 9, 2012 16:27
Bank , like everywhere else, have changed with the times. Many of the changes at banks have been driven by customer complaints.
Every band now has a ticket machine that holds your place in line for you. Customers can now sit down comfortably while they wait for their number to be called out on the screen.
During the summer banks are famous for their air-conditioning , which is cranked up on hot, sticky days. Another big change is online or mobile banking . customers can now take care of their business from the comfort of their homes via these services.

1. When was the last time you went to a bank ? why did you go there?
I can’t remember correct time. It was long time ago to go a bank.
I use on line banking at work or my place. I don’t need to go a bank any more.
I’ve a bankbook but I rarely use it expect looking for secret number which is needed at online banking.
2. Do you make use of online banking ? what are some benefits of using online banking?
What are some benefits of using online banking?
Sure, I always make use of online banking .
It’s very convenient not to go a bank and safe for us.
3. Which bank do you use? Describe the bank you go to often?
I use Kookmin bank from long time ago.
My daughter has been working there for 4 years.

How are the means of transportation today different from those of the past?
1. What kinds of means of transportation do you most often use?
I most often use a car . I drive to work from house. It takes about 40 minutes in the morning but 1 and half hours get off work.
I use a subway , Seoul Metro when I go out for shopping or buy some books at Kyobomungo where there is in Kangwhamoon.
I take minibus which is called Maulbus after taking off Seoul metro.

2. What are the pros and cons of different types of transportation?
The KTX is the most convenient means of transportation in KOREA.
That runs fast more than 300km per one hour. Most people use it for long distance tourist or business men. But it has set reverse seat in partial . that is very inconvenient for guests.

3. How often do you drive your own car ? how much do you spend on maintaining your car?
I drive my own car every day. I commute by my car.
I fill gas up 600,000 korean won in a month.