How do you dress when you go to work?

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Apr 27, 2012 15:32
1. How do you dress when you go to work?
I wear a suite to work. I drive own my car to work.
It takes about 40minutes from my place to work
I drive on a suite .
During I shower in bath in every morning , my wife prepare a suite , dress shirts and ties for me.
I barely buy my own clothes most of all clothes are bought by my wife.
It’s very comfortable because I don’t need select clothes.

2. Do you have different suits for different occasions?
Yes, I have some mountain-climbing clothes for climbing.
I used to go mountain with friends every weekend but nowadays I can’t go to the mountain. I have no plenty of a time because of studying foreign language.

3. Are you a suit person or someone who likes to dress casually?
When I stay on my place, I tend to dress down. I put on comfortable sports clothes. I like to dress casually. But If I have a wedding ceremony, I do dress up for special occasions.
Home work.

1 He looks the best when he wears a suit. 그는 정장을 입을 때 가장 멋지다.
2. I usually dress down on weekends. 나는 보통 주말에는 옷을 편하게 입는다.
3. She dress up for her date. 그녀는 데이트 때문에 옷을 예쁘게 차려입었다.
4. She has a unique taste in fashion. 그는 독특한 패션 감각을 갖고 있다.

1. What do you think about the teaching profession in Korea?
Teaching is a very popular career in Korea. But I think that the teachers in Korea have a lot of difficulties. The bullying and school violence are wide spread in school recently. The kids are more and more rough but the teachers are more and more weak.
The teacher can’t punish or scold the terrible kids.
If that case occur in the school room dumbass kids defy or lash at teacher. Or they take a picture , take a video and prosecute to the police.
The teacher are powerless.
2. Who was your favorite teacher and why?
Come to think of it, a teacher who is charge of a my primary school 6 grade . We respect him . He teached us eagerly and we was supposed to study passionately.
We have to exam to pass middle school. We used to study hardly in the school late in the night.
3. Do you know of any people around you who are teachers? How did they become teachers?
I know two teachers who are my friends. The teachers works at same high school which is located in Busan.
One of them is a principal and the other is a vice-principal.

1. These days the most popular career among teenagers is becoming a star in the entertainment business.
요즘 10대들 사이에서 가장 인기 있는 직업은 연예인이다.
2. I haven’t acquired a certificate in teaching yet.
나는 교원 자격증을 아직 따지 못했다.
3. You have to pass a state exam to become a doctor.
의사가 되려면 국가고시에 합격해야 한다.
4. There are high school that specialized in foreign language.
외국어 교육을 특성화한 고등학교들이 있다.