My personal classical music radio station

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Dec 29, 2011 16:29
I like classical musics, and I think one of the reasons is that my father listened to classical music all the time when I was a little child (though he passed away when I was 18), and another reason is that I learned to play the piano from my age of 6 to 12.

I liked to buy classical CDs since I went to college 12 years ago. I spent a lot of money buying more than 1000 CDs so that I have to save my money from other usage, such as eating good foods or traveling around.

I think classical musics are not as difficult (or boring) to listen to as people think. I think the main reason people don't listen to classical musics is that they don't know how to start it.
People always say that they hate music courses since they were very young because the teachers forced them to remember all the composers' names and their boring musics. But I think as people grow up, they might think that there must be something different in classical music, but they often don't know how to start it.

So I decided to share my music collections with people via web.

I used a newly developed web radio system created by two young Taiwaneses, which makes people easier to become a DJ using their own computers. The website's name is "", and I think it's a pioneering website.

I chose songs with the principle of easily to listen to and not too long or too strange, then played it randomly. It seems to be a good strategy because in lots of web radio stations, they just play classical musics in a regular order, such as playing from the first movement to the final movement of a symphony or a sonata, which often makes people feel bored.

Here is my personal classical radio station:
Hope you will like it!