Is there a Natural order in second language acquisition?

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Dec 11, 2011 13:52
Stephen Karashen,a professor in the university of Southern California, who has made great contributions to the fields of second language acquisition.His five hypotheises also offered Some instructions and methods to the researchers.of SLA.But at the same time,there also are many controversial points in his opinons.Without exception,I also have some confusion about his theories.
Krashen believes that there exsits a natural order of L2 acquisition that all L2 learnes would follow. .And he found that many learners usually study L2 in such an order that they acquire progressive –ing,auxiliary be, plural-s earlier than articles and regular past.but here are some controversial points should be discussed。
First of all,he just did research on English as the target language to study the natural order.However,It does not mean that the order could apply to all the target languages .After all,every culture,every language has its own features.
Futhermore, He believe that the natural order is fixed .Namely, it’s impossible for learners to learn articles before they mastered plural-s. in my opinon,everyone’s conprehensive and congitive ability is different from others,the order may be not so accurate for all L2 learners.For instance,maybe Tom thought article is easier than plural-s,but John is just the opposite.It’s depends on the individual differences.
Besides,Any language is changeable, as well as grammar the order of L2 acquisition should change with them.but just like what I have mentioned, the natural order is not natural and flexible at maybe this is a problem which is needed to solved.
Last but not least,.The range of his research is so narrow that his conclusion became an overgeneralization of the regulation of L2 acquisition.For example,he just focus on the research on vocabulary ,general and special question,and negative words,but paid little attention to the Syntax and discourse aspects.Therefore,it’s difficult for most of us to make a conclusion that there really exsits a natural order of second language acquisition.
In fact,whether the natural order of l2 acquisition exsits on earth is still a unsolved mystery which needs a further study and confirmation.But the only one turth that we should believe now is that it will be gorgeous for us to keep exploring and discovering the rules and strategies of second language acquisition.Thus, we would find some commonalities or univeralities of those foreign languages so that we can learn them more easily.