Input and output in L2 acquisition

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Dec 11, 2011 13:50
No matter behavouist,mentailist,interactionist,they all acknowledge one fact that input is necesssary in L2 acquisition. But there are three different kinds of opinons among them about how input affect L2 acquisition on earth.
Behavourists treat language learning as evironmentally determined and the effect of input in L2 acquisition is very crucial.On the contrary, mentalists’ theories emphasize the importance of learners”black box.”They believe that input just work as athe stimuli which was used to trigger the processsing of internal language mechanism.That is,input is not the determinant in second language acquisition.In my opinon,both of them just concentrated on researching the effect which input caused, but ignored the importance of output.
In fact,output also play a pretty important role in second language acquisition.
First of all, ,it can impove learners’ efficiency and accuracy in L2 acquisition.Actually,output is also a process that learners try to speak or practice their target language.,and once learners communicate with others,the interlocutor would give him/she feedback on time,thus ,they can find and correct the mistakes they comitted from the conversation with interlocutors and improve the accuracy of their target language rules. If they don’t output,they would never know whether the grammar knowledge in their brains is correct and systematical or not.
Besides,I think that output is the purpose or inevitable result of L2 acquisition. Don’t we learn or acquire a language so as to use it?No matter writing or speaking,they are both a kind of output plays an very important role in both the progress and result of L2 acquisition .
Furthermore,output can help learners to test the hypotheses.they can try out a rule and see whether it leads a sucessful communication or not.
Moreover,outputing can strenghen your memory of the knowledge.And the grammar structure in your mind would be more clear.
Last but not least,output can help learners to notice the gaps in their interlanguage.once they writing an article or speaking to the native speakers, they will realize that they lack so much grammatical knowledge of target language so that they will do more efforts on learning the language in the future.

Soin my opinon, both input and output are so crucial for learners in second language aquisition.And from researching the effect of input and output in L2 acquisition,we can also made a conclusion that when we consider some thing ,we are expected to be as all-sided and impartial as possible.