The Chinese potteries

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Jan 29, 2012 00:57 museum potteries
Last Friday, I visited the Shenzhen museum in my city, and spent the whole afternoon in it. Even though I have already known that Chinese potteries were so famous all around the world, but still, I was very astonished and surprised by each of the beautiful works. I picked the photos to share with you, hopefully you will like them, too. Actually, I want to share more with you.

Did you notice that bowl above? In fact, it was not a bowl, it was a plate used to fill with the liquid of the candles. The biggest attraction is the leaf vein inside the plate. That’s awesome!
Like Bobby said, it's really cool to think that even in ancient times people had such skill. I agree with him. And it also reminds me of the spirit of Riva 1920, which is an italian brand of furniture manufacture. They are asked to treat each wood with covering red cloth. Each wood is like their own treasure. Even just an ordinary and simple plate, obviously, they were seeking perfection I think.

I suddenly recall that there was a forigner professor once said, if it can be possible, he wish he could live back in the Song Dynasty in China. hehe. The professor is funny and smart. And these potteries are most made in Song Dynasty.

Thank you for reading.