Revision-Unit 5

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Dec 29, 2011 19:50 Revision
This unit I wrote is so long....but I hope it won't make you feel tedious...:P

1.indulge- My brother once indulged in computer games and did bad at his studies. My mum could do nothing but locked the computer. Then, mum was glad about what she had done because her son began to study hard. But only a few days later, mum got a piece of paper which my brother asked if he can play computer twice a week. My brother may really like it and now majoring in computer, too.

2.irritated- When I was a little girl, I once observing a dog having lunch. Well, actually, not just observing, I also played his tail simultaneously. Suddenly, the dog was irritated and barked me so loud. Mum dragged me away and taught me seriously. But I still thought that the dog was particularly pretty when he was irritated, although I had been a bit scared indeed.:P

3.kneel- I always change my posture when I am using computer for a long time. Sometimes I even kneel down. Mum thought it was improper. And I felt so innocent and speechless, because I just comforted myself and didn't think so much.

4.disgrace- I still can clearly remember the first time I skated, because that was so funny. After grasping the railing and walking along for almost 3 big circles, I determined to skated to the central of the rink. Needlessly to say, I fell down again and again. A kind boy gave me a hand to help me to stand up. However the moment he left, I fell down again. XD I degraded myself by falling so many times. But then, an amazing thing happend. The people around, most are adults, not laughing and looking anymore, but started to skate one after another. Partly encouraged by my awkward behavior, I thought. :P The good thing was everyone seemed so enjoyable that night even though so many people fell down again and again, like me. haha. Well, I am considering that falling down, and then stand up, that's not quite so hard for everyone. and then- A boy in my life have taught me a lot. Somewhat like my father, my brother, my teacher and my friend. Like Christopher said, somebody came, somebody gone. He's gone in my life now, we lost touch for so long. But I missed him now and then.

6.queer- Back in my junior high school. One day, my classmate Ben thought I was so queer just because I said nothing. Was that mean I was too noisy in usual? Before I could say something, I vomited up.Therefore, it was something queer, but not me, just my stomach. Afterwards, Ben recalled that matter and said it smelled really terrible. haha. Poor Ben.:P

7.fling- Someone may like to fling things when they are mad. I don't have such that habit, because if I do that, I need to put away the things by myself after all. That's not a good deal.

8.exclaim- I always exclaim when I see someone are going to fall. It's strange and impolite, I know. But I can't help it. I don't know why. Once I saw a little child fell down. Again, I exclaimed so loud. The baby seemed scared by me and even forgot to cry. Then the mother looked at me so unfriendly. I felt so sorry and....a little bit funny.:P

9. novelty- The first time I saw elevator [is it right? I want to express the elevator like stairs but not a lift], I was shocked. At that time, it was a totally novelty to me. I couldn't believe the stair can even move by itself!

Thank you so much for reading..:)