Revision-Unit 4

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Dec 20, 2011 16:29 Revision
These day, I has just started to learn to use the Skype. I met so many nice people there, it was really kind of them. And I also made a phone call to Carmel and Filipps. I think we all enjoyed the conversation. Of course, I especially thank Christopher. Anyway, I will keep writing on lang-8.:)

1.apparently- Apparently, during 3 am to 4 am each day, the living can approach nearest to the dead. If it is true, I want to greeting my dear grandmum.

2.whereas- Nowadays, whereas diplomas are quite necessary, the capability and passion is much more important in your prospect, I think.

3.necessarily- Beautiful isn't necessarily good. Good isn't necessarily true. True isn't necessarily beautiful. So the true[真], and the good[善], and the beautiful[美],will be the forever pursuit of people's lives.

4.speculate- Once upon a time, my friend and I suddenly planed to followed a stranger while we were shoppong. Then we did. We chose a man who was walking alone, speculating where he was going to, what he would buy, why he was shopping alone and so on. Then we followed him almost 15 minutes, and found him was justing walking and looking around. Any extrordinary story we were expected didn't happen at all.

5.solitary- I wish I would have a solitary jonuery before. To be a backpack, and then go alone. But I know it must somehow make me feel the sense of loss, since I have a friend like another half myself. How can I see the most fantastic scenery only with my left eye?

6.make a fuss- Please don't make a fuss if I slept all day, because I was just too missing my bed and that day must be the first day of my vacation.

7.on impulse- There was one time, I jumped and got on a bus on impulse, in spite of where would the bus took me to. It was not very romantic for me to do that, because I finally found I got lost. Strangely, I felt a little bit funny instead of fearful. I called my friend and walked for a long distance. Anyway, I found a bus station at last.:)

8.interfere- My friend told me that the relation between her boyfriend and her interfered with her study. I know she is facing with a hard choice theseday, but I can't help her out. Sometimes I even suspect whether there is a real balance point between two things exist in the world?

9.distract- Although I was focus on my homework, I was so easily distracted by any bake of a little dog. Because I love dogs so much. Therefore, when I am living alone in the future, buy or do not buy a dog for myself, that will be a serious question.