Revision-Unit 3

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Dec 15, 2011 12:17 Revision
1.thwart- Practicing my violin each day for over an hour ocasionally thwarts me when I think I get definitely no progress.But surly,it just happened ocansionally.As the saying goes " Practise makes perfect." So,I will keep it up.

2.revere- V is revered as a hero in my heart.I believe he is one of the most handsome men even though he has actually no face,only a mask.

3.peer- I saw a Janpenses cartoon moive on Tuesday night which was wonderful and meaningful.I can still remember one of scenes that the teacher sacrificed his left eye for his wife's resurrection.He peered at his wife but still couldn't see her clearly.The happiness sometimes is so close to us but we are used to peering through the people around us and try hard to reach into the distance.I am used to peered through the window,wishing for some beautiful landscape,but I forgot that a smile from a stranger sitting beside me actually could be more charming.

4.lean- A boy,my classmate in the primary school,once was leaning against the chair-back and shaking in the class.He tried to make himself look like so cool,but unfortunately he fell down.haha:D

5.humiliate-What if someone humiliates me?Beat him?No,it is too stupid.I'm likely to lose.Smiling to him?It seems silly,too.And hard for me to do that.Let me think....On the surface,leave him alone.In the mind,remember it to make me because stronger.In the future,forgive him and thank him.:) legth- I'm firmly believe that awaying from the family,whoever will all feel the happiness when they are listening to their mothers'voice even though the mothers are always talking something unimportant at length.Or may be I am wrong,because the unimportant things perheps just are the important things.

7.glimpse- My sister told me that she just glimpsed a meteor between the clouds lastnight.But she comforted me that it was affirmed that on the Dec.23th, it would also have another meteror shower.I wish I'll not miss it.

8.agony- I don't think much of having too many choice,but it is tolerable.What I can't bare is the agony of having no choice.

9.unmitigated- When I told someone that I want to donate blood,he even said don't be an unmitigated idiot since a majority of campaigners today are using the blood for making money rather than helping people.What a sad thing for me,and for him,and also for the whole society.:(