Revision-Unit 2

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Dec 13, 2011 14:26 Revision
1.inherit- I want to inherit my mum's patience and cautiousness.I want to inherit my dad's foresight and adventurousness.Howevery,people can't always get what they want.What a pity.In this case,I'm determined to learn from my parents.Learning may better than inheritance for oneself.Do you approve of me?

2.stimulating- What kind of feeling when snows condense and then melt on your eyelash?I have never done this before, but I guess it must be stimulating!

3.condense- When I was a small girl,the anger on my mum's face would immediately condensed my smile.And then,I knew I must had done something wrong again.I would smartly apologize in shame and show mum my feeling of guilty at once,because after that mum would teache me softly and easily forgive me.

4.flavour- The highly luxury enjoyment,for me,is to enjoy many flavour of different cultures and food.In other words,i love to play and eat,haha :p

5.account for- Lack of sleep accounts for lack of energy.Lack of energy accounts for lack of passion.Lack of passion accounts for lack of smile.Lack of smile in one's life is such a terrible thing.Fortunately,my perfect life accounts for full of sleeping.Yeah:)

6.confess- I once confessed to my mother that I had stolen one thing in my life- the white-foamy wrapper.I don't know how to say the white-foamy wrapper in a right way.Can you see that pictures I uploaded? That is what i meant.Am I crazy and silly? haha.But my mum corrected me seriously.Thank you,my dear mother!

7.have little effect on- I always lose my few hair when I wash it.Perhaps it indicates my hair is unhealthy.But it actually has liitle effect on me,because I have so many hair need to be combed.Sometimes they even bother me.So if those few hair don't like their owners,why not just let them free? I am a student.I have no job.I am poor.All the properties I possess are all from my parents. On the contrary,I am rich.I have my personal property of some knowledges from books and friendship from my friends.

9.nourishing- The milk of the brand"畅优"is both nouring and delicious.It will be my favourite until I die.I like it so much.haha.:)