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Dec 11, 2011 23:01 New words
New word 3


I’m can make so many follies if I’m hasty.
The last folly was happened in the toilet at school. Yes, and I have to confess, it was happened in the men’s room. I was too hasty to neglect the ladies room was at the left side which is little more far away from me. At that time I rushed into the men’s room just because the room was nearer to me. There was completely no difference from ladies inside. So only when I saw a boy ahead of me as I was going to wash my hands did I realized I had made such a big folly! It was extremely embarrassed me. But not all the things were worse, I comforted myself, because there was only one boy in the man’s room.


The beauty is beautiful because it’s real. Some films and books may be miserable, may end in a tragedy, but I will not so easily impressed that drop tears. Once I wept, the reason is simple.--I felt the real emotion from the author. Any affectation is needless. I firmly believe I am lively and lovely so long as I am being myself. The word also remind me of a book called A child called ”it” which I have finished several mouths ago. I was greatly inspired by the writer. I finally wept, for his persistence, for his real life experience.
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