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Dec 11, 2011 17:58 New words
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How can you figure out a good way to distinguish whether they truly like you or not when people flatter you? I suddenly come up with this question as using this new word because today, I'm considering most of people in China have to flatter their bosses or managers when they're bucking for a promotion. It may be negative, but it is true.As I grow, I hardly quarrel with others. Not because my temper become good, but because people seem like to choose not to speak out their real feeling. To be my friend, I don't need you to flatter me, to praise me, or give me your flowers or applause. What I really beg for is your understanding and treasure.


This word is similar to the flatter, isn't it? But this word is more often used with a good explanation rather than bad, am I right? In the circumstances, I want to pay a compliment to all the people who feel happy for helping others you must be healthier and have a longer life. :)