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Dec 11, 2011 16:24 New words
I'm reading an English novel. However, in each chapter can I easily find so many new words or some words I rarely use. So I came up with a great plan last night. I'm going to write some short articles or association as I using the new word. Hope this way can be helpful to memorize.

New words 1

Although it is December now, the south of Guodong Province in China is still not very cold. This afternoon, the weather was pretty lovely, sunny and cloudless. So I had no reason to miss the beautiful time. I walked along a lake beside the school library for a while, then I laid down on the lawn, and breathed deeply. No more music, no more noise, no more study, no more conversations with people, only my thought and my soul. I am always thinking about sometimes people may really need to vacate a time for themselves, i mean,just for themselves, but not for their family, friends, class, colleagues, or computers which even is not animate. Take your mind and think about your life, and enjoy the moment merely belong to your own. Doing this matter with ease makes me realize that the time does not pass away so fast, but flow aroud like music.

Difficulties or miseries surely will make me feel upset, but complaints can change nothing. When this truth indeed moves from my head into my heart, I do really feel so shame about the past who I am. So I likewise don’t appreciate those who are depraved for a long time but not try to have some reflection or changes.
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