Nihon Blog Mura(日本ブログ村)

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Feb 16, 2013 17:30
Nihon Blog Mura(日本ブログ村)
Nihon Blog Mura is an online community of bloggers. Now, tens of thousands of blogs are registered so it's a huge collection of Japanese blogs.

When bloggers register their blog to Blog Mura, they choose a couple of categories based on what the blog is about and later, the blog will be appeared in the ranking of the categories of their choice. If you want to find a blog which is dedicated to a certain genre or a thing, you just type a word that describes the genre, such as movie, cooking, or travelling in the search box and you can find dozens of nice blogs immmediately. Actually, the categories are divided very specificly into thousands of subcategories. So you can get search results even when you put more specific words in the search box, such as a bleed of dog, vegetalian cooking, or travelling abroad on bicycle!

I found it very helpful for finding blogs by the people who have the same interests as mine. Also, I'd think it's useful too for Japanese learners who want to find some nice blogs in Japanese to improve their reading skills. While reading about your favorite things in a blog, you'll be able to pick up some new words and expressions maybe with less pain, getting informed about your favorite things!

Are there any similar websites like this in English?

Picture 1: If you see a badge of this kind on a Japanese blog, it means that the writer of the blog is a member of Blog Mura.

Picture 2: I'm surprised by the number of subcategories under "dog."