Christmas Meal クリスマスの食事

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Dec 21, 2012 09:08 Christmas_meal
I have a question. What do you eat at Christmas? This weekend, I'll visit my friend's house where she'll hold a small Christmas party. It seems I'm expected to bring some food and preferably it's something I cook on my own. If the Christmas meal in your country is easy to make, also if the ingredients are available here, I'd like to try cooking it!

As for in Japan... we eat Christmas cake and some fried chickens. Particularly, KFC's fried chickens are very popular. I used to work at a KFC restaurant and it was just extremely hectic working there at Christmas. I think that their fried chickens are so popular because of their clever mrketing. They succeeded to associate the image of the founder of KFC, chubby and old with the white beard to the image of Santa Claus.