Messages for girls' late dearest moms

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Jun 23, 2012 16:41 陸前高田
I read a really sad but touching article in the local paper yesterday. The article was about the two messages left on the wall of a gymnasium where in March last year many people tried to take refuge and then died because of the unexpected attacks of tsunami in Iwate.

You can see the picture of the actual messages written on the wall from this link.

With their handwrittings, I assumed that the messages were written by two young girls. According to the people who take care of the broken gymnasium now, the messages were found just recently. Also from what the girls wrote, we
can see that they wrote them sometime after the gym's demolition was announced. I guess the two girls heard about the demolition plan and decided to sneak into the gym and left the messages on the wall to each one's dearest mom who seemed to died there.

The gym is going to be pulled down as early as in July. I want to believe the girls' messages have reached to their moms in heaven.

I thought of writing about this article because I felt a feeling of cathersis when I read this article as my mom also passed away last year. :(

Also I even tried to translate the messages into English to see how good/bad my English is ^^;;


Dear Mom,
Thanks so much for always.
I'm very happy because you always appear in my dream.
You're smiling and kind as usual. That's why I think you're great.
Even after this gym is torn down, I'll never forget you and about the gym!
Thanks from the bottom of my heart.
My dearest Mom, please keep looking at us from heaven. We'll do our best in our life!


You're always smiling as usual when I dream of you so I'm relieved that you may be doing well with them in heaven. You'd always be trying your best and tried to look at a positive side of things. You were always so kind and cared about the other members in our family first. I hope you'll keep looking at us from heaven.


Thank you for reading my long article and moreover, thank you very much for the huge support to Japan from around the world ever since March last year.

m(_ _)m