Another function that I want on Lang-8

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Apr 15, 2012 01:10 Lang-8に「いいね」ボタンの追加を希望
I think it'd be great if there was another "good!" button on Lang-8.
I know we can press "good!" button which we can click when someone's correction is good. But when an original sentence is already good and there is no need to be corrected, how can we tell it to the person who's posted that entry? If there was that kind of another "good!" button which we can press when the original sentence is very good, it'd be a lot easier for us to show our affirmation. And surely it'd make us feel proud of our achivement and even more encouraged if you got "good!" clicks from native speakers.

Sometimes I see corrections which seem to be a little inappropriete or too excessive. They tend to change the original sentence too much or ignore the style or the level of the person who wrote the entry. Everytime I see those corrections, I really feel the need of a new "good!" button.