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Apr 26, 2015 20:37
Acting on a sudden impulse, I tested my English vocabulary size on www.testyourvocab.com just now. The test process is quite simple, and according to the result, I possess a mere 5,980-word vocabulary size, which shocked me indeed.

I often praise myself on my English learning, for I work hard on it. I have been reading Jane Eyre for months and up to now, I have finished half of it. It quite inspires me and I think that I may at least have a 10,000-word vocabulary, for those who learn English very well always say that an excellent English learner is supposed to possess a 20,000 -word at least.

I feel anxiety-ridden now, because I am aiming to be an excellent MTI (Master of Translating and Interpreting), such insufficient vocabulary will definitely discourage me.

Anyhow, enlarging my vocabulary is the first thing I've got to do currently...