How do you pronounce "th"?

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Aug 6, 2015 22:04
It has been confusing me for years how do native speakers pronounce "th". My English teachers in primary school or even in senior high didn't spend much time teaching us pronunciation.(Actually they simply reckon grammar the most important part in English learning, while I don't think so)

I know that to make a perfect pronunciation of "th" , you should stretch out your tongue, and put it right between the two rows of your teeth and let the upper one touch it slightly.

I try hard to follow this principle when I am reading out an English text. But it seems to be quite hard to stretch out my tongue when I am having a conversation with others because of the limited time. So when I am saying the words with "th", I seem to change the "th" into "d" instead. For instance, I am more likely to say "dis" instead of "this".

Does it matter much? Do native speakers have the same confusion as I do?
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