A mentally-therapeutic Japanese series

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Apr 29, 2015 23:39
I am watching a Japanese series entitled "Shinya Shokudō(Midnight Canteen)".

I have been watching it for about 2 weeks. It may be a little bit hard to understand the plots of this kind of TV series at first. But as I am getting into the plots, I find it hard not to enjoy this TV series, for it exerts a mentally-therapeutic influence on the viewers.

It will be particularly suited to appreciate it at night, when is soundless and people around you have just fall asleep. All the unpleasant things you have suffered during the day will fall into oblivion. What's more, a therapeutic TV series will add to the relief.

The TV series is segregated into 3 seasons, and each season composes of 10 episodes. Each episode tells a comfortable and easy story, and I usually watch it from the theme song named "思ひ出", which relieves me from the start. As I am learning Japanese as well, I can understand the lyrics quite well, which encourages me to learn Japanese as well. :D

I have no idea if there are any English subtitles released online, but as it's really a nice TV series, I'd like to recommend you to watch it. :)