Public transport from my point of view.

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Jan 20, 2012 02:11
The other day our teacher told us to write an essay about public transport and it ended up like this:
Today I want to talk about public transport. Spanish people complain that their public transport is not good, but as far as I'm concerned it's not so bad. I left Ucraine when i was 10 so i can't remember very well what it was like, but I can say that the public transport there is worse.
Spanish usually go by buses or tramcars. Of course they have a heat, an air conditioner and comfortable seats. It's not so expensive but it has an inconvenient. Don't use it if you're in a hurry because you'll definitely be late. There also are people who, knowing that the bus comes usually 10-15 minutes late, come a little bit later do they don't have to wait but they find that the bus is already gone... Yes, sometimes, in some very rare occasions it comes in time... That has to be pretty frustrating but in spite of this it's not so bad.
Ucranians are used to use tramcars, trolley buses or minibuses. Tramcars and trollet buses were a very cheap choice when electricity was cheap but they are getting more and more expensive. They come in time but they don't have air cobditioning systems. Summer in Ucraine is not as hot as in Spain, but it's still hot. You can't even imagine what it is like to be in one of that sometimes crowded things. If you travelled by a tramcar in summer, you could understand a packed sardin's feeling. It's not so spacious, there are a lot of people inside and it has a caracteristic smell.
You can also go by minibus. They're like little buses, so cute. But because of this it has not much space inside, and once again, you feel like a stinky packed sardin. You have to wait until it's full and sometimes it can take a long time (1-20min.).
The drivers of this kind of transport are almost always bad-tempered and impolite.
Because of this I think that not getting in time might not be so bad.