My Cat In Sichuan Hometown

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Dec 12, 2011 13:08
Reading a friend's entry about his cat this morning made me think of mine in Sichuan hometown. I miss her so much and want to share a picture with you here.

She was neither bought from the market nor given by friends or relatives. She came to our house herself in winter three years ago and denied to leave. She was a feral cat.

She was skinny, clearly suffering from malnutrition. We took good care of her, feeding her meat and milk. Now she is in good shape.

She is lazy and loves sleeping. Most of the time you just find her sleeping in the chair or on the sofa; sometimes she just jumps on your knees and make there as her cozy bed when you're sitting in the chair.

However, being lazy does not prevent her from becoming a good mouse catcher. One afternoon she was chasing a mouse, a large one, but did not eat it immediately after she caught it. She played with it for a while before she enjoyed her big meal. What a poor mouse! It must be scared to death when it's forced to play with a cat!