How To Improve Writing?

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Dec 9, 2011 23:45
I am always feeling frustrated when required to write something no matter they are essays, reports or papers. I usually spend lots of time organizing my thoughts before I start writing and can hardly complete it untill the deadline comes.

Actually, I was very weak at my Chinese writing when I was in school and am still not good at it now. I can still remember clearlly that once in primary school I got the highest score in math exam but meantime the lowest in Chinese exam because of my poor writing. In high school I even failed my Chinese exam twice which made my Chinese teacher very angry and disappointed. Thanks to the good job I did in other subjects, I had a chance to study in a Beijing university 6 years ago.

Most of the time I just can't find a proper way to write my mind out on the paper, let alone using literary words and beautiful sentences. It seems some people are born to be a writer. They can write smoothly and fluently without much difficulties. Their essays are both eloquent and with deep intent and meanings. I envy those guys so much for their wonderful writing skills.

How to improve writing? Could you give me some advices and insructions ?